February 13, 2011

Henry of Pelham 2006 Off-Dry Reserve Riesling

(Re-Tasted February 2011) ... Another Sunday night, another battle with our demons ... our love of Chinese food from our local favourite.  I would say we eat Chinese from the Magnolia Restaurant as often as we eat chicken, which I think is once every couple of weeks.  And once again I dug around looking for a wine to match, coming up with a 2006 off-dry Riesling from Henry of Pelham.  '06 was a decent year of Riesling, not too great for the red grapes but a year that Riesling loved and this wine shows it.  The nose is pear and peach with a nuance of petrol, some talc and limeade.  The palate was lemon and green apple based with nice acidity and a long luxurious finish.  There is no rush to drink up the bottles in your cellar, this one still can age and should improve gracefully over the next 5 years or more.  Thankfully I have one left myself and will thoroughly enjoy it when the time is right ... that time could be now, but I'm willing to see this one through a few more years.

February 10, 2011

Tawse 2005 Echos Bistro Red

(Re-Tasted February 2011) ... If memory serves, this was Tawse Winery's first attempt to bring their wine to the masses, what I mean by that is that the price of the wine was not in the stratosphere, this was a very respectable $25 dollars, and while not your average every day drinker it was a special occasion wine that you could have on more of those semi-special occasions.  Back in July of 2007 I wrote that the wine could age 7 years or more.  I said this for two reasons: the pedigree of the wine and the pedigree of the vintage - both have good reputations.  When I first stuck my nose in the glass I thought I was going to be disappointed because there was an awful stinky smell emanating from the glass, with a little swirl and some air it seemed to open it up a little more and created some raspberry and wood spice smells - have to admit I was hoping for more.  But hold the phone, this wine was not done quite yet.  The palate was smooth and proved to be quite complex: dark strawberry, cherry, vanilla wood, hints of spice and a cocoa-strawberry-woody finish.  Still quite nice and very drinkable, just don't smell it without giving it a swirl or you'll be disappointed.  Seems I will be revisiting my other bottles of this wine sooner rather than later, but we are approaching the 7 year mark, so its time anyway.

February 1, 2011

Vineland 2006 Cabernet Franc


(Re-Tasted January 2011) ... Reading my notes from my previous review I told you to "Drink your ’06 now while waiting for the ‘05’s to come around" - in other words "Drink Now`.  I, on the other hand, because of this column, decided to hold on to the bottle and see where it goes.  Truth is it is not a bad wine, and if you like that hint of Ontario green pepper, then this is starting to turn your way.  The nose is dried raspberries with just a touch of the green pepper.  The palate shows a little bit more depth with tobacco, touches of smoky, dried fruit and a herbaceous note coming through, (read: that green pepper again).  The wine is smooth, dry and relatively pleasant to drink.  If you have any left now is really the time to drink up, not sure if you have two or three years left but it`d make for a great BBQ this summer.